13 Investigates: Racial battle fatigue: Hopes and dreams

Racial Battle Fatigue: Hopes and Dreams

If what you know about Black males is only formed by what you have seen in the media, then it would appear that all Black males are failing and on every level. That is not true, but the stress attached to negative perceptions about Black males is creating in them something one researcher calls racial battle fatigue.

NewsChannel 13 has shared with you what it is like for Black teenage boys to experience racial battle fatigue. That’s what one researcher said is the daily grind of having to defend, explain and hold on to their racial identity.

Often times, Black males are considered a “monolithic.” However, a group of young men NewsChannel 13’s Elaine Houston spoke with said success is in their future, thanks to hard work, family and friends.

Hear about how its helping by watching the video of Elaine Houstons story.