Rensselaer County executive blames open border policies for Troy murder

Rensselaer County Executive Steve McLaughlin has strong words for Gov. Kathy Hochul after a murder arrest in Troy.

Carlos Corrales-Ramirez of Honduras was apparently in this country illegally, McLaughlin said.

Corrales-Ramirez been previously arrested for a stabbing in Maryland over the winter, but had been freed.

The county executive is blaming the open border policies.

“This arrest is clear proof the open borders and sanctuary cities policies are failures, and the inability by Biden and Hochul to deal with the illegal migrant issue are placing our safety and quality of life in jeopardy,” said McLaughlin.

“The failures of Biden and Hochul are putting so many at risk. We will get answers as to how this massive failure occurred and how this man was out on the streets and able to allegedly kill another man.”

You can read McLaughlin’s full statement by clicking here.