Repeat burglar sentenced to 7 years in state prison

The Albany County District Attorney’s Office announced on Friday that 54-year-old Richard Agley was sentenced to a 7-year term in State Prison, followed by five years of post-release supervision for burglary in Bethlehem in June 2020.

This follows Agley’s guilty plea on November 21, 2023 to one count of second-degree burglary.

On or around June 17, 2020, Agley burglarized a home on Euclid Street in the Town of Bethlehem, including stealing a credit card and shoes, said the Attorney’s Office.

He attempted to burglarize a second home and a vehicle in the area on the same day.

The Attorney’s Office said Agley failed to appear in court for over two years prior to his sentencing on Friday. At the time of the initial charging, second-degree burglary was not a bail-eligible offense.

As well as his sentence, four no-contact orders of protection were issued on behalf of the victims.