All residents and guests suddenly kicked out of Rotterdam motel

ROTTERDAM — Rotterdam Councilman Joseph Mastroianni says it appears the Super 8 Motel on Curry Road signed a one-year contract to house migrants.

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People gathered outside the motel with their luggage and other belongings, puzzled and annoyed and scrambling to find another place to stay.

“11 o’clock I have to leave, he said, actually, I’ll give you until 12 o’clock. Everybody has to exit the building. No reason, no warning, that’s it, get out,” said Janice Galloway.

She is a visiting nurse from Florida, who was supposed to stay here for a month.

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“We just have to check out by 11 o’clock. I was like, are you serious? And he said yes ma’am and he said 7/18, everybody has to leave and I said but I’m here for a month and he said we don’t care, you have to leave, exit by 11am so I said okay, but I have no place to go, so I called the agency this morning and they said they’re going to work on it.”

Rhonda Flanagan was placed here by social services.

“The anxiety and being frightened as a woman alone, not being able to carry, not being able to get take a backpack and maybe walk somewhere and be safe,” she said.

The senior building inspector says the old Country Inn Diner on the same property should be coming down soon, but he had no information about the motel.
“They were told– all the residents– to be out of the building,” said Senior Building Inspector James Keith. “It’s going to be shut down tomorrow. They’re closing for a year.”

Police say they were told only that as of today, the motel would be closed to the public.

Motel management refused to comment and called police to kick news crews off the property.

As for Janice, she was able to be on her way with all her luggage, when her Uber arrived.