Law enforcement ramps up big time to keep ‘Ride for Missing Children’ secure

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The Ride for Missing Children kicked off on Friday.

The 100-mile bicycle ride would not be possible without the support of law enforcement to keep all those riders safe.

Lt. Steve Grassman’s full-time job is with the University at Albany Police Department, but he is in charge of the law enforcement presence at the event.

Grassman said it takes a year of planning to oversee the event.

He helps map out the route and is the first one at the scene. He is in constant contact with the riders. Grassman rides in the back and communicates with the other people in law enforcement if any problems occur such as an injured rider.

“I’m able to see how the ride is flowing. I also have a clock that I keep pace. I make sure we’re not too fast or too slow,” he said.

The ride began at 5:30 a.m. at the Clifton Park YMCA.