RV found for wounded Lake George Marine who wants to attend Florida reunion

RV secured for Sgt. Eddie Ryan’s reunion

A specialized RV has been secured for Sgt. Eddie Ryan, so he can attend a reunion in Florida with his fellow Marines.

An injured U.S. Marine from Lake George can head to a reunion with his fellow Marines in Florida now that his family has found a specialized RV.

Sgt. Eddie Ryan was shot in Iraq in 2005 and nearly died. He wanted to reunite with his comrades in April, some of whom helped save his life.

Ryan was a sniper on his third tour when he was shot twice in the head by friendly fire. His fellow Marines carried him from the rooftop, kept him alive and got him to a Blackhawk helicopter. After months in hospitals, he defied the odds and survived.

Ryan hasn’t seen many of the men who served alongside him since that day 19 years ago. A reunion and hunting trip is planned in his honor, but because of a traumatic brain injury, he can’t fly.

NewsChannel 13 reported on the need for a specialized RV. The story was recently shared with the Tunnels for Towers Foundation, the charity that helps badly injured veterans and first responders. They scoured the country for an RV with a lift and they found one in Georgia. It’s being driven to Staten Island where Eddie’s father, Chris, will pick it up.

Chris Ryan told NewsChannel 13 that they couldn’t be more grateful.

There’s a benefit Wednesday, March 20, from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Holiday Inn Resort in Lake George to defray the travel costs for Ryan and his crew.

Food, raffles and drinks will be served by NewsChannel 13 anchor-reporter Mark Mulholland and Chief Metereologist Paul Caiano.

The public is invited to stop by and donate.