Salem residents describe nearly eight-hour manhunt for suspect Wednesday

Residents describe manhunt in Salem

There was a scare last night as police searched for a man in Washington County considered armed and dangerous.

Police captured a man they think shot at them after going on the run in Salem, Washington County in a manhunt that spanned nearly eight hours and left residents of the quiet town worried for their safety.

Residents nearby were asked to lock their doors and shelter in place.

Night fell as police frantically searched the vast wooded area near Blind Buck Road in Salem. 

35-year-old Jefferey Dickinson was wanted on a felony drug warrant and ran away after law enforcement confronted him just before 4:30 p.m. 

Police said Dickinson could be armed and dangerous. 

Just before midnight— the Washington County Sheriffs Office announced he turned himself in. 

Salem is surrounded by vast wooded areas. Several people who spoke to NewsChannel 13 said they don’t have cell signal at their homes and worried they wouldn’t be able to call 911 with a possibly armed suspect on the loose.

“I believe that was one of the issues, and an ongoing issue, about lack of cell service here, because the hills and towers– I mean my house right there, we’re just below the peak for the tower, so I have no cell service at my house,” said Town Councilmember Tom McMorris.