Saratoga Chamber president fondly remembers mom lost to Alzheimer’s

Saratoga County man fondly remembers mom lost to Alzheimer’s

Todd Shimkus' mom lived with Alzheimer's for more than a decade.

Todd Shimkus’ mother, Amy, lived with Alzheimer’s for more than a decade.

The first thing she said when she realized she was going to live in a memory care unit was “I’m not ready for this.”

Those five words will live with Shimkus for the rest of his life. He wrote a book in honor of his mother, using her phrase as the title.

Shimkus’ mom described Alzheimer’s in one word – miserable. He says it’s not only miserable for the person who has it, but also miserable for the caregivers.

Then the pandemic hit in the middle of everything, and Shimkus had to juggle his sick mother that he couldn’t visit, and his role as Saratoga Chamber president.

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