Schenectady man found guilty in 2022 shooting, could get 42 years to life in prison

Schenectady man found guilty of murder

Schenectady man found guilty of murder in 2022 Hulett Street shooting

A Schenectady man has been convicted of murder for killing a man on his 21st birthday in 2022.  

Anthony Romero, 25, was found guilty of second-degree murder in the death of Treavine Tate on May 30, 2022 on Hulett Street.

Romero could face 42 years to life in prison.

Surveillance video from street cameras and private businesses show Romero and Tate getting into a verbal argument, according to prosecutors. Then Romero drew a pistol from a bag he was wearing across his body.  

Tate was unarmed. He walked away from Romero after the gun was pulled. Romero followed him and shot repeatedly, including after he had fallen on the ground, police said.  

Romero remained on the run for about five months until he was caught in Albany by U.S. Marshals and the Albany Police Department.  

Romero had attempted to claim self-defense at trial, but he admitted that he knew that Tate was unarmed. 

After the shooting, Romero hid the gun, burned his clothes and fled the state, police said.  

The jury rejected the self-defense argument and convicted Romero of murder, as well as two counts of criminal possession of a weapon and tampering with physical evidence. 

Sentencing is scheduled for May 1.