Schenectady mom reflects as search for missing daughter nears one month

Jaclyn Humphrey said she is very grateful for the resources that police have been using to find her daughter, Samantha.

Christmas Day marks one month since Samantha disappeared. She was last seen at Riverside Park on Nov. 25.

The search for her has been extensive. Multiple police agencies have been involved in air, land, and water searches along the Mohawk River since she went missing.

Authorities have been scouring a four-mile stretch of the Mohawk River – from the Schenectady Stockade down past the Rexford Bridge – hoping to find evidence into Samantha’s disappearance.

Samantha got into a physical altercation with her ex-boyfriend the night she went missing.

Jaclyn wanted to clear up misinformation about this case, dispel rumors that she says are false.

Samantha’s jacket was found by Jaclyn’s ex-husband, long after police were notified. She doesn’t know who posted the picture on social media.

However, she believes finding the jacket is what changed the course of the police investigation to something other than a teenage runaway case.

As you can imagine, the time since Samantha went missing has not been easy for Jaclyn. She is spending Christmas with family in North Carolina, and plans to return to the Capital Region after the start of the new year.

Hear her talk about the emotions she’s feeling heading into Christmas by watching the video of Dan Levy’s story.

DIGITAL EXTRA: Watch the full interview with Samantha Humphrey’s mom