Emotions high as victim impact statements in Schoharie limo trial are read

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Before Judge Peter Lynch handed down the sentence to Nauman Hussain in the Schoharie limo trial, family members of some of the victims addressed the court and Hussain.

Grieving family members tearfully put into words the emotions of reliving the unspeakable horror that occurred two miles down the road.

There were eight family members who delivered powerful and emotional victim impact statements to the court.

Some of those family members took personal shots at Hussain – one referring to him as “a sorry excuse for a human being.”

Another family member labeled Hussain a “greedy, selfish, narcissist, and said the limo crash “didn’t just happen”, and “was not created in a vacuum.”

They said Hussain’s past transgressions of thumbing his nose at rules and regulations was tantamount to playing with fire – something that occurred long before those 20 people were killed.

Victim impact statements at the sentencing of Nauman Hussain, the operator of the limo company involved in the Schoharie limo crash.

Speakers include:

  • John Schnurr for James Schnurr
  • Donna Rivenburg for Amanda Rivenburg
  • Mary Ashton for Michael Ukaj
  • Sheila McGarvey for Shane McGowan
  • Kevin Cushing for Patrick Cushing
  • Sam Bursese for Savannah Bursese
  • Bethany King for Amy Steenberg, Mary Dyson, Allison King and Abigail Jackson