Schumer calls for $290M to fight rainbow fentanyl surge

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Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer announced a push to fight what’s known as rainbow fentanyl. He wants to add $290 million in the federal budget to fight the spread of fentanyl and fund overdose response strategy teams.

The announcement comes on the heels of a public warning from the Drug Enforcement Administration about the dangers of candy-colored rainbow fentanyl.

“This rainbow fentanyl has our law enforcement agencies on edge and with good reason. They’re trying to get children younger and younger to take this horrible, horrible drug,” Schumer said. “This is nothing short of despicable by these drug dealers, who are luring kids, young kids, to take this drug with terrible consequences for themselves.”

Schumer says the colorful pills have been around for about six months. He says the money will support 61 special teams nationwide that go after drug dealers and educate kids about the dangers of rainbow fentanyl.