Search for Samantha in Schenectady in its 2nd week

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Monday marked 10 days since Samantha Humphrey, 14, was reported missing by her mother.

The scene at Riverside Park in Schenectady was active Sunday, with multiple agencies busy searching for the girl. NewsChannel 13’s cameras captured marine rescue boats on the river and a helicopter searching from overhead.

Authorities have a pretty good idea where the search zone begins, but given the murky water and the swift current of the Mohawk, where it ends is anyone’s guess.

Samantha’s mother, Jaclyn Humphrey, spoke to NewsChannel 13 last week. She tells us her daughter went to the park Nov. 25 to meet up with an ex-boyfriend. No one has seen her since then.

The working theory is that Samantha fell into the river from a railroad bridge at the south end of Riverside Park.

Assuming a body hasn’t been caught up in the debris on the river bottom or the jagged rocks on riverbanks – and giving the strong current – the search could extend several miles downstream, if not further.

Meanwhile, one of Samantha’s close friends, Hajile Howard, was also reported missing last month. Police had told us Hajile’s disappearance had nothing to do with Samantha’s. Sources are now telling NewsChannel 13 that police have had contact with people in touch with Hajile, and they are confident she is okay.

Hear one of the searchers discuss some of the challenges they’re facing as they look for Samantha by watching the video of Dan Levy’s story.