Sheriff backs incumbent Albany County DA Soares in primary

Sheriff Apple backs Soares in DA race

Sheriff Apple backs Soares in Albany County DA's race

Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple has endorsed District Attorney David Soares in the hotly contested Democratic primary.

Soares, who is seeking his sixth term, is being challenged by defense attorney Lee Kindlon.

Apple said in a social media post that he usually stays out of politics, but felt he had to make an endorsement.

“David has been a champion for hundreds and hundreds of victims, while being hard on offenders. He has created so many first of its kind alternatives to Incarceration [sic] that we in Albany County basically had its own form of bail reform, but it kept people safe,” Apple wrote.

Apple said because Soares has been leading the fight against bail reform, people have determined that he needs to go. Apple said that while people have criticized Soares mistakes, everyone makes mistakes.

Soares did not request his endorsement, Apple said.

NewsChannel 13 caught up with Kindlon to get his reaction to Apple endorsing Soares.

“Ultimately, the voters in Albany County have to decide if they’re happy with the status quo or if they want to change in direction with the Albany County District Attorney’s office,” Kindlon said.