Student who spit at Pittsfield basketball player kicked off team

Player spits in Pittsfield basketball player’s face

Player spits in Pittsfield basketball player's face

The Pittsfield school community is expressing outrage over an incident in which one of their basketball players was spit on during a playoff game on Monday.

Video posted to an Instagram account called “MK Films” captures the spitting incident.

The offender has been kicked off the team, Old Rochester said in a statement Wednesday afternoon.

The incident happened in the third quarter of the semifinals of the state championship game against Old Rochester Regional High School, which Pittsfield lost 82-72. 

Pittsfield player Malachi Perry had just made an uncontested layup. An Old Rochester player guarding Perry fell to the ground. Perry told NewsChannel 13’s media partners at The Berkshire Eagle, that he made contact with the player as he backed up.

After the basket, Perry can be seen getting into the other player’s face. Then, both players began to run side by side a few steps to head to the other side of the court. 

At that point, the player spits on him.

Perry shoved him in response and received a technical foul. The referees did not see the spitting, the paper reported.

The school planned to write a letter to the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association.

Perry is Black and the other player who spit on him is white.

The paper also reported that players could hear comments in the gymnasium like “Go back where you came from” and the N-word.

Old Rochester responds

Old Rochester issued a statement on Wednesday afternoon, which confirmed the incident. They said the offending player has taken responsibility for his actions and will face discipline.

The district has contacted Pittsfield school officials and reported the matter to MIAA.

“The Old Rochester Regional School District and MA Superintendency Union #55 administration express our deepest regrets to the Pittsfield team and school community at large. We place the highest value on sportsmanship and will continue to expect the best from our student-athletes as leaders in our school communities,” the district said in the statement.