Starstruck 8-year-old ‘Swiftie’ meets pop superstar at Bills game

8-year-old ‘Swifte’ meets the pop superstar at Bills game

An 8-year-old girl got an up close encounter with pop superstar Taylor Swift at Sunday's Bills-Chiefs game.

Not everyone left Highmark Stadium totally devastated after Sunday’s Buffalo Bills’ loss.

Ella Piazza, 8, and her mom Jessica are self-proclaimed Swifties. 
They thought “The Eras Tour” would be the only chance they’d get to see her in person.

Then they found out Taylor Swift was coming to the Bills playoff game they had tickets for.

Unfortunately, their seats were on the other side of the stadium. Luckily, mom knew someone who knew someone sitting much closer to the box Taylor was sitting in, who agreed to switch tickets for halftime.  
Ella had a sign that read “Buffalo Bills + Taylor Swift = Best First Game Ever!!”

Jason Kelce, star center for the Philadelphia Eagles and brother of Travis Kelce, Taylor Swift’s boyfriend saw the sign, and made sure Taylor saw Ella holding it, too!

Hear Ella describe what happened next by watching the video from NewsChannel 13’s sister station WHEC.