Stefanik files complaint, alleges AG James biased in Trump probe

Stefanik files complaint against AG James

Stefanik files complaint against AG James over Trump trial

U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik has filed a complaint against Attorney General Letitia James, accusing her of conducting a biased investigation into former President Donald Trump.

James is suing Trump in civil court over his business practices, alleging that he and his company falsely inflated statements to obtain more favorable bank loans and insurance policies. 

Stefanik, (R – Schuylerville), alleges that James attacked Trump through comments on social media and statements made during the trial. She is asking that the Attorney Grievance Committee conduct an investigation and issue an interim suspension, disbar James or suspend her.

The Attorney General’s Office declined to issue a statement on the matter.

Stefanik, an ally of Trump, has been seen as a potential running mate.

You can read Stefanik’s full statement here:

“As a Representative of New York committed to upholding the integrity of our legal system, I have found New York Attorney General Letitia James’ handling of the investigation and trial of President Donald Trump nothing short of shameful. It is evident that Attorney General James violated fundamental principles of fairness and impartiality by engaging in a relentless lawfare campaign against President Trump, marked by over 50 prejudicial comments on social media during just the first five weeks of the trial. It’s been her explicit mission since she announced her run for office to go after President Trump. Such behavior not only undermines the integrity of the legal process but also violates the Rules of Professional Conduct to which James, as a licensed attorney, is bound.

While all Americans possess the right to express their opinions on matters of public interest, attorneys–particularly state attorneys general–are held to a higher standard due to their unique role as officers of the court. Her conduct not only constitutes a breach of her professional responsibilities but also risks irreparable harm to the public’s already eroding trust in our legal institutions. I urge the Attorney Grievance Committee to immediately conduct a thorough investigation and take appropriate disciplinary action, including the immediate interim suspension, disbarment, or suspension of Attorney General James, to uphold the integrity of our legal profession and ensure justice is served impartially.”