Search suspended for missing fisherman; Crews will resume operations Saturday

Fisherman who went into Mohawk River remains missing

Investigators in Montgomery County continue to search for a missing man in the Mohawk River.

Crews have suspended for the night the search for a missing 31-year-old fisherman who fell into the Mohawk River.

The search will resume Saturday morning and continue daily until the victim is located.

The man’s line got snagged while he was fishing around 11:30 Thursday morning in the Fort Hunter area, Montgomery County Sheriff Jeff Smith said. That forced the man to drop his pole into the water. The man bent down to grab it and that’s when he fell in.

A witness tells NewsChannel 13 that they heard the man screaming and then another fisherman threw a life preserver into the water. That rescue attempt failed and they called 911.

Police boats from State Police and the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office were searching the area until dusk on Thursday and were back at it 7 a.m. on Friday.

NewsChannel 13 will bring you updates as we get them.