Suspect in driveway shooting trial now serving 26 years to life in prison

Kevin Monahan, the man who killed Kaylin Gillis when a car she was in accidentally turned into his driveway, is serving 26 years to life in prison.

Monahan, 66, is being housed at the Elmira Correctional Facility.

Sentencing day on March 1 in Washington County Court was extremely emotional. It was the first time family members and loved ones got to have their voices heard. It was also the first time they got to wear shirts inside the courtroom with Gillis’ picture and name on them.

Gillis’ father, Andy Gillis, gave a victim impact statement about the deep and everlasting impact of the loss of his oldest daughter. He said her death left an indescribable void.

Kaylin’s boyfriend, Blake Walsh, who was driving the car the night of the driveway shooting, also spoke in court about how Monahan took Kaylin Gillis away from all of them.

Kaylin Gillis’ childhood friend, Alexandra Whiting, spoke about the trauma she still feels from what she saw and heard that night and the loss of her best friend.

Monahan was found guilty Jan. 23 after a two-week trial. He testified that he did not mean to fire the second, fatal shot and the gun discharged on its own, as Kaylin Gillis and her friends were turning around in his driveway.