Suspects sought in brazen Kingsbury heist

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A Washington County business owner is fighting back against the people who ripped him off last week. The owner of Falls Farm and Garden has video of the heist in progress and can’t wait for police to arrest the thieves.

It happened last Tuesday afternoon. Owner Tim Havens says in four decades in business, he’s seen it all. He says 999 out of 1,000 people are great people. However, what happened last week has him angry.
Two guys come into the store.

As surveillance video shows, one distracts one of the employees by asking a lot of questions about a high-end tractor, while the other helps himself to merchandise. The store’s cameras see him loading his arms with professional tree-cutting gear. Then he puts much of the bulky equipment down.

However, the video then shows him taking off with some tree climbing spikes worth more than $600.
After that, the video shows him running away from the store, going away from where they had parked their car, presumably to avoid being caught. However, the many cameras caught him.

Havens says he knows the names of the guys and says they were caught casing a nearby big-box store later that day, but took off when confronted by employees, who because of store policy, aren’t allowed to physically detain them.

Havens says bail reform has led some bad guys to believe they can get away with anything, but he’s confident the two who stole from him will be arrested. The Washington County sheriff tells NewsChannel 13 they’re working on it.