Teen shooting victim’s mother: ‘I’m so dissatisfied with this justice system’

Family of teen shooting victim wants justice

Family of teen shooting victim wants justice

The mother of the 14-year-old boy who was killed in an August shooting said she is so dissatisfied with the slow pace of the justice system.  

Delia Charland’s son, Rycky Stark, died on Aug. 16. He was with a group of youths who were hanging out at his home. Jaden Walden, 18, is accused of pointing the gun at Stark, not realizing it was loaded, and shooting Stark in the abdomen.  

Stark’s family had expected Walden to plead guilty on Friday, but in a surprising move, he rejected a plea deal in the case.

“It really is pathetic, you know that he’s out free and my son doesn’t get any of the experiences that a 14-year-old, freshly 14, three days after his 14th birthday gets. Jaden Walden took that from him yet still walks free,” Charland said.

Charland described herself as a “shell of a human.”

“My son was my world. He was a good kid. His death has rocked our family, the school, the basketball team,” she said.

She said Rycky liked helping out older people and veterans.

Charland hopes that this case ends with Walden in prison – and not just a physical prison.

“I hope he goes to prison where he can close his head, his eyes at night and see Rycky’s face. Because when I close my eyes, I see my son. When I open my eyes, I see my son, I just pray there’s justice for Rycky,” she said.