Teenager indicted in Albany barbershop killing, more arrests expected

Teen arrested in Albany barber shop killing

A teenager is being held at the Albany County jail related to a shooting that killed a barber and injured two others including a nine-year-old child.

A teenager is being held at the Albany County Jail in a shooting that killed a barber on the job and injured two others, including a nine-year-old child. The arrest was announced by Albany Police Tuesday, but city court records indicated the suspect was arrested on September 15.

18-year-old Timmoure Miller, known as “Cruddy,” and another person are charged with second degree murder and two counts of attempted murder. The other defendant’s name is not yet public. Police said they expect more arrests.

Miller is also accused of helping another person commit the crime. It’s not clear whether he is believed to be the shooter. 

The shooting happened at Village Barber and Beauty on Saturday, May 13 on 2nd Avenue.

Barber shop Owner and Pastor Reginald Graham was giving his grandson a haircut when the child was grazed by a bullet.

Graham is trying to press on, as police announce they caught a suspect.

“My first reaction was finally we can begin the process of some resolve,” he said.

Graham says the targets were people standing outside his shop. Bullets flew inside— killing 47-year-old barber Tyrone Staley, grazing Graham’s grandson and injuring another person. 

“The entire family, we miss him, the community misses him, the barber shop, we all miss him,” Graham said.

Graham wants to set an example of resolve. 

“You can’t just sit down and give up when you’re struck by these tragedies, but you have to continue to press on, and that’s what we’re doing, we’re pressing on,” he said.

The indictment is dated September 20. NewsChannel 13 asked an Albany Police spokesperson why that information had not been released until Tuesday, but did not hear back.