Police testify about Klein movements leading up to murder of New Scotland man

Prosecutors in the Jacob Klein trial presented more testimony Friday about video evidence pulled by investigators as they zeroed in on their suspect’s whereabouts. 

Klein, who is representing himself, is accused in the brutal stabbing death of local physician assistant Philip Rabadi, 35, at his Albany County home in April 2022. 

Members of both the Rabadi and Klein families have been in court for the first week of testimony, which included graphic, bloody body camera video from sheriff’s deputies who found Rabadi deceased at his New Scotland home. Rabadi was found by his wife, Elana Radin, and father, Shaw Rabadi, as deputies also arrived for a welfare check when he failed to show up to work.

NewsChannel 13’s cameras have not been allowed in the courtroom for testimony.

On Friday, jurors heard from two investigators with the Albany County District Attorney’s Office. 

Both were involved in collecting video of two vehicles of interest in the days after Rabadi was killed. 

Investigators William DiCarlo and Victor Pizzola testified about where they went to collect video and how they collected it.

Dicarlo explained how investigators got video from St. Peter’s Hospital on South Manning Boulevard. Rabadi and Radin worked as physician assistants there. The video described Friday has not yet been shown in court.

Prosecutor Jessica Blain-Lewis is slowly building a case she said will show that Klein was following Radin, his ex-girlfriend from years ago, and her new husband, visiting their home and work in the days before the murder. 

Blain-Lewis said it was a jealous killing to hurt the woman Klein lost. 

Klein maintains his innocence. He was living in Virginia when Rabadi was killed. He said during his opening statement that evidence will show he traveled to Albany for a potential real estate investment in New Scotland around the time of the murder, where the couple also lived. 

Klein alleged investigators had ‘tunnel vision’ and did not consider other possible suspects.