Timeline of New Scotland murder trial

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Jacob Klein is on trial for the April 2022 murder of Philip Rabadi. Rabadi was found stabbed to death in his New Scotland home, after he didn’t show up for work. An investigator, along with Rabadi’s wife and father, found the body during a welfare check. It wasn’t long before Klein became a suspect.

Jury selection began on Monday, September 18. By the next day, the 12 jurors and four alternates were seated. Opening arguments began later that day.

The prosecution described a carefully calculated plan to murder Philip Rabadi – painting Jacob Klein as a man enraged by his former girlfriend’s new marriage.

Klein asserted his innocence, claiming investigators had tunnel vision, and ignoring evidence that might have led them to Rabadi’s real killers.

Day one of testimony included graphic body camera video of the crime scene – showing the devastating moment Philip’s body was discovered by his wife and father.

Jurors also saw a telling email Klein sent Elana Radin days after she married Rabadi. He said she looked beautiful at the wedding – and said, “I cannot pretend I wasn’t extremely jealous of the lucky guy when I found out.”

Prosecutors worked to slowly build a case with circumstantial evidence to establish that Klein rented a car and was in the area of the murder.

Another email was shown on the second day of testimony – in which Klein admitted to Radin he planned on killing himself after their breakup.

Klein claimed he shrugged his shoulders when they broke up.    

An employee at Whitepages testified later that day that Klein paid for info about Radin and Rabadi. It showed their address, the property records, and the square footage.

Bombshell testimony came the following week, on September 26. A friend of Klein’s testified Klein called him the day after the crime and said he was in big trouble with the law, was going to turn himself in, and needed someone to take his dog.

The jury also watched hours of video allegedly tracing Klein from his Airbnb to the crime scene, the victim’s workplace, and the victim’s home.   

The next day, September 27, Tennessee State Trooper Joshua Barner who arrested Klein took the stand.

The jury was shown body cam footage of the arrest. Klein is seen on video saying: “I know what you guys are here for” and admitting he was “actually planning on turning myself in”. 

Day eight saw Klein questioning lead investigator Amy Kowalski about why he was the only suspect.

Kowalski testified that Rabadi’s wife immediately named Klein – who she described as a controlling ex–boyfriend.

Klein also called into question a lack of physical evidence connecting him to the murder.

Week two ended with jurors viewing autopsy photos of Philip Rabadi’s deep stab wounds.

Both the victim and suspect are physician assistants. A pathologist testified that the accused may have known how to kill someone quickly – and the victim would have known what was happening.

Week three began with a juror shakeup – one juror was dismissed due to illness.

Another was dismissed after overhearing a conversation about the case, affecting their ability to remain impartial.

On Tuesday, October 3, a witness from State Police Intelligence testified that Klein’s Google searches included WNYT.com and “Suspicious Death Under Investigation in New Scotland”.

The jurors also heard that cell phone data placed Klein at St. Peter’s Hospital, where Rabadi worked.
Then, Elana Radin took the stand. She told the jury about her relationship with the suspect – and their breakup in 2017.

Radin testified she cut ties with Klein a year and a half after their breakup, saying she was done with his behavior. She also relived the moment she found her husband, bound and slain on the garage floor, later testifying she told the lead investigator it was Jacob Klein.

She recalled telling Klein in 2021 he was not to contact her.

Klein cross-examined his former girlfriend, asking her if she was in a state of shock when she came upon the crime scene.

After Radin’s testimony, the people rested its case.

Klein rested soon after, without calling any witnesses, or taking the stand.