Tire company manager: Some billed limo repairs were never done

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A key witness was taking the stand Wednesday in the Schoharie limo trial — the manager of Mavis Discount Tire in Saratoga Springs. That’s where the limo was serviced.

Manager Virgil Park testified that when Nauman Hussain brought the limo for repairs in 2018, the vehicle was in really bad condition.

“I told Nauman [Hussain] to light the limousine on fire and burn it,” Park testified.

He also said Hussain told him to “do the bare minimum to get the limo back on the road,” disregarding his advice to redo the entire brake system.

“I told Nauman [Hussain] to light the limousine on fire and burn it.”

Former Mavis Discount Tire Manager Virgil Park

Park also admitted under oath that some parts of labor regarding brake repairs to the limo — and that were on an itemized invoice and billed to Hussain — were never performed.

Testimony inside the courtroom on Wednesday was feisty and fiery. At times, defense attorney Lee Kindlon resorted to yelling angrily at the prosecution witnesses. Under cross-examination, Kindlon let loose, raising his voice, yelling angrily at Park several times.

Distirct Attorney Susan Mallery objected to Kindlon’s tone of voice, but Judge Peter Lynch overruled the objection, allowing Kindlon to proceed.

Park admitted under oath that Mavis billed Hussain for brake parts and labor that were never performed.

Two Mavis mechanics who performed work on the stretch limo also took the witness stand. One of those witnesses admitted under oath that he committed fraud by passing the limousine inspection even though he never performed any safety inspections.