Trespassing investigation at Troy building that houses City Hall

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Police are investigating a break-in at the Troy building that houses City Hall.

Troy Police got a call around 6:30 a.m. Monday about a break-in at the Hedley building, a big building with a lot of different businesses inside.  City Hall is on the fifth floor.

Investigators say many of the floors had been accessed.  Some laptops were taken, but it was mostly a mess, with food and papers strewn about, cubicles tossed and some food eaten. 

NewsChannel 13 asked the police chief how the person or people got in.

“We’re not going to discuss that yet at this time,” said Troy Police Chief Daniel DeWolf.  “They were able to gain access without forced entry, I can tell you that, and the floors that they accessed without forced entry.  There was no damage to any of the locks or doors or anything like that that we’ve determined so far.”

The break-in happened sometime after a Saturday night event in the building that ended around 10 p.m. 

Detectives and evidence technicians were at the scene Monday.

The mayor says they don’t think anything was taken from City Hall.

“We found no files accessed, many of the offices in City Hall were not accessed. The mayor’s suite, the finance offices, comptroller, IT, personnel, purchasing, assessor, none of those offices were accessed,” Troy Mayor Patrick Madden said.

The plan is to evaluate and act on any weakness found that allowed an intruder to get into the building and several suites, once the police investigation is finished. 

The effects of the break-in could have been more serious — for example, a delay for the visiting nurses who work out of the building, who care for vulnerable people.

City Hall is expected to be back open for business as usual Tuesday.