Troy animal abuse suspect’s wife was convicted of Watervliet child abuse

TROY – A neighbor reported a foul smell from a Hudson Terrace apartment in Troy. Police found nine dead animals including dogs, cats, a ferret, and a bearded dragon. At least one other animal was still alive, but in bad shape, they said.

Tyler Valentine, 29, was arrested.

Tyler’s wife Samantha is now serving a seven year sentence in prison for crimes in Watervliet.

Samantha Valentine was sentenced in April for abusing her 10-month-old son in Watervliet.

She repeatedly threw him across the room and caused brain bleeding. Some of the abuse was captured on a baby camera.

“And it wasn’t until I saw what I did on that camera footage that I couldn’t believe it myself. It was horrific and it wasn’t me. It wasn’t the normal me. It was a monster,” she said in court at sentencing.

Years before that, she faced allegations of animal abuse herself.

In 2019, Samantha Valentine posed as a worker for an animal organization and used fake documents to sell sick kittens that quickly died, Watervliet Police said.

Tyler was actively involved, said sources.

Samantha ended up pleading guilty to selling a diseased animal, prosecutors said.

Tyler was charged with nine counts of aggravated cruelty to animals in last week’s Troy case, then released on an appearance ticket.

Many think animal cruelty laws should be strengthened.

“I don’t think the penalties for animal abuse are tough enough. Oftentimes they’re pled down to something comparable to a traffic ticket,” Watervliet police officer Eric Roy said.

There’s also a link between other violent acts and the abuse of defenseless animals.

“They don’t have anybody to speak up for them,” said Officer Roy. “These people oftentimes graduate to crimes against human beings.”

Tyler is scheduled for court next month. Samantha is serving a seven-year sentence.