Troy animal control urges dog owners to get dogs vaccinated

TROY – Off the bike path near Middleburgh in Troy, the bodies of three young dogs were found in a bin Wednesday, giving off a terrible smell. Three other dead or dying dogs found at other times last week included one in a canal tunnel at Canal and First, and one in a dumpster near Stowe Avenue.

Investigators believe they could all be from the same litter. All six puppies tested positive for parvo, which is highly contagious and potentially deadly.

Troy Animal Control Officer Kevin McDonough wants people to be aware, watch for symptoms and get their dogs vaccinated.

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“A responsible dog owner would get a rabies shot, the parvo shot and the distemper shot,” he said. “Those are the three main ones that you should have for your dog.”

According to the American Kennel Club, puppies ages six weeks to six months are most susceptible to parvo.

Parvo symptoms include bloody diarrhea, vomiting, fever, lethargy, weight loss, weakness and dehydration.

“Within three to seven days, you’ll know,” said McDonough. “Call a vet and give them the symptoms and they’ll tell you what to do. Don’t just bring it in to the vet if you think it’s parvo, because it’s highly contagious.”

Parvo is so contagious, McDonough had NewsChannel 13’s crew walk in bleach to avoid bringing any contamination home to our own dogs.

Police are investigating if there are any crimes in connection to the six deaths. They are hoping to limit the spread of parvo.

McDonough is an animal lover, and it hurts him to see any animal suffer.

“Yes, it does, when you see them like that,” he said. “All they needed was a vaccination and that could have been solved.”