Troy bowling alley manager fired after video of alleged harassment goes viral

Troy Police are investigating after uproar around a now-viral video taken outside Uncle Sam Lanes on Fulton Street.

In the video, a manager at the bowling alley seems to be counting down at a disheveled man outside while holding a bucket filled with water.

At 30 seconds, he throws the water at them before turning to what seems to be potential customers.

An investigation is underway, according to Troy Police.

They say they were not called to the bowling alley on Saturday night.

In a statement on social media, Troy Police said:

“Troy PD is aware of a video circulating social media where an employee of a Troy business is observed in a dispute with another individual. Our Detectives & members of our Community Police Unit are investigating the incident to identify the individuals involved, to learn more about any actions prior to/after the video recording and to identify if any criminal offenses occurred. We appreciate those individuals who brought this matter to our attention late last night and we are committed to ensuring an investigation is completed. If any individual  has additional information regarding this incident please do not hesitate to contact our Detectives at (518) 270-4421 or report online at”

On their website, the owner of Uncle Sam’s Lanes is publicly apologizing for that employee’s conduct:

“At this time … 89 year old owner Lorraine Walsh would like to publicly apologize for the conduct of Tom Walsh Jr (previous manager) of Uncle Sam Lanes. Lorraine and her late husband Tom Walsh Sr own Uncle Sam Lanes. Upon being shown the horrific video and actions of Tom Walsh Jr, she immediately dismissed him. She and the family do not condone this behavior and are deeply sorry for the pain and suffering that took place,” the bowling alley posted on their website.

Troy Mayor Carmella Mantello issued this statement:

“I am aware of the incident that transpired at Uncle Sam Lanes on Saturday, January 7th. I have been in touch with the establishment owner, and we discussed that this behavior is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. While I recognize that it is permissible to escort a person off private property, any subsequent actions such as those that transpired in this incident, are not acceptable. I encourage all local business owners to contact the Troy Police Department if they encounter similar situations. There is no place in our community for this type of behavior.”