Troy convenience store remains open, despite arrests

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Troy police said an investigation into a convenience at 71 congress street has turned into two arrests.

Police began looking into the store after they said they received “quality of life complaints” from people living in the neighborhood.

Police arrested the owner, Iskander Ali and one his employees, Ali A Jamal. According to police, they were encouraging people to “steal” from other stores, then selling the items at the shop. The two are accused of “manipulating” tax stamps on cigarettes and selling products that “violated ” the state’s liquor law.

Iskander Ali said he was arrested months ago, but said he didn’t violate any laws. “I feel like it’s not fair. I respect the law I love the law, what’s going on outside that’s not my job, it’s not my job it’s the police, job to go control it,” he said.

Longtime resident Seamus Donnelly said the store draws a lot of negative attention and is not good for the community. “It’s taking a hit on the neighborhood these businesses down here some of them have to lock their doors until a customer comes up because they have folks bothering them this is a major gateway,” said Donnelly.