Troy Mayor-elect Carmella Mantello details plans

Troy Mayor-elect Mantello details her plans for the city

The city of Troy is poised to make history. Tuesday night, Carmella Mantello won the race for mayor, and she will be the first woman in that position.

It’s been a whirlwind 24 hours for Carmella Mantello. The day after Election Day, she has been on the phone, receiving congratulations, taking down signs, but also already focusing on what she wants to get done.

She is honored to be the first woman to lead Troy.

“But it’s all about the results and so I can’t wait to show the people of Troy, starting January 1, 2024 being a mayor on the streets, being accessible and really paying attention to the day-to-day operations, the day-to-day streets, crosswalks, potholes, and quality of life issues that people really, really need in our neighborhoods,” she said.

Mantello was born and raised in Troy, with eight years as city council president.

The republican won over Democrat Nina Nichols.

Mantello was elected in a city in which the Democrats outnumber Republicans in enrollment, four to one.

“One of the things I heard, Kumi, door to door. People really felt they didn’t see their mayor unless it was a ribbon-cutting or an event. What people are going to see from me, they’re going to see me out there, they’re going to see accessibility,” said Mantello. “The people in Burgh feel forgotten, South Troy, North Central.”

Fresh off her victory, she’s ready to get started.

“The first day, we’re going to implement a Quality of Life Task Force and that’s all about getting our DPW, our code enforcement, litter patrol, our community police officers literally to take back our streets block by block.”

The task force will be similar to the old Troy Action Team, in that it combines services.

“So if we can tackle quality of life and crime together, people are going to see more reinvestment and more revitalization in their neighborhoods.”

Mantello says next week, they’ll be announcing some details, including a transition team.