Troy neighbors helping neighbors in the snow

Neighbors helping neighbors in Troy

Plows were out and so were the shovels as the snow came down steadily throughout the day. It was also a time for people to help each other in Troy.

As the snow came down in Troy, Mark Morine was looking out for one of his regulars.

“I was walking a customer of mine home,” he said. “She’s an older lady. She’s one of our always customers that come in every day, so in this snow, I didn’t want her to walk home alone, so I walked her home so she got home safe, didn’t slip or fall.”

Troy neighbors helping neighbors in the snow

All the snow means a lot of shoveling and a slow ride on the roads. But there were also some bright spots of neighbors helping neighbors in Troy.

He’s a shorts guy, whatever the weather.

He’s the owner of Big Bellies on 114th Street and Fifth Avenue in Lansingburgh. The restaurant has been around for almost five years now.

A snowstorm didn’t stop customers from coming to grab a bite at the counter.

“We sold a lot of soup, we sold our Philly steak and cheese that we sell, a lot of those, our crispy chicken sandwiches, so it’s a lot of hot foods that we’re selling today,” said Morine.

The snow came down steadily all day Tuesday, and piled up pretty quickly on the streets, but people who were out shoveling said the light, fluffy snow wasn’t too bad. That included Marc Sweener of Troy, who was out clearing around his aunt’s home.

“Apparently people are going to wait until it ends, but I like to get it done early so it doesn’t build all the way up,” he said.

He said this winter has been crazy so far, with too much rain.

Drivers made their way through a slushy mess and some slick spots, as the snow built up.

“Actually it’s not too bad without the wind,” said Sweener. “The wind is the worst. I could do without that.”

He also clears for a couple of neighbors. He swung his shovel over his shoulder and headed up the block.