Two suspects in Watervliet shooting released on bail

Two of the three men arrested in connection with a Watervliet standoff last week have been released on bail.

Angadi Jones, 19, and Kyle Fowlkes, 19, both of Colonie, and Kasiyan Paynes, 18, of Watervliet, were arrested after a shots fired call on 23rd Street in Watervliet on Jan. 23.

They are accused of using a “ghost gun,” which is a weapon that has been reassembled to make it untraceable. The investigation led police to a home on 7th Avenue, where there was a three-hour standoff.

The suspects have each been charged with criminal possession of a weapon.

Police did not state which of the men have been released. One of the two suspects who have been released has an open gun charge out of Colonie.

Watervliet Police Chief Joseph Centanni issued a statement about the release of the suspects on bail.

“I want to underscore that New York is the only state, including the federal courts, that do not authorize judges any discretion to consider the danger a person poses to the community when deciding bail,” he said in a statement. “Without question, this restriction has vividly contributed to the release of countless offenders to wreak havoc in communities that the criminal justice system is designed to protect. “The lunacy and foolishness of that speaks for itself.”