Woman finds necklace with cremated ashes in pocket of thrift store jacket

CLIFTON PARK — What started out a routine mother-daughter shopping trip to a thrift shop on Sunday afternoon quickly turned into a misplaced merchandise mystery.

Thrift Store Find 2

Area woman finds a silver necklace in the pocket of a winter coat purchased at Clifton Park thrift shop.

Nicole Hanna walked into Plato’s Closet in Clifton Park and walked out with what she considered a great deal, a brand new fur-lined, hooded, Michael Kors winter jacket that she had long been looking for. When she got to the parking lot however, she found something she hadn’t been looking for.

“I’m digging in the pocket and this is what I pulled out,” Hanna said, holding up an distinctly unusual looking silver necklace. “As soon as I pulled it out of my pocket I said, “Please don’t tell me this is what I think it is.”

It was a silver necklace with a silver four leaf clover charm attached, along with a tiny compartment that contained a vial of cremated ashes, perhaps the sentimental remains of someone’s mother or grandmother.

“I felt like that was put in my hands because they knew I was going to do what I had to do to find who owned it,” Hanna stated.

Hanna posted her find on social media hoping the rightful owner would see it.

The manager of Plato’s Closet tells News Channel 13 that all Hanna has to do is bring the receipt into the store and they’d probably be able to track down the previous owner.

Hanna is certain the previous owner would definitely want back the contents of the unwanted coat.

“If that was me and I lost it, I would be devastated,” Hanna explains, “so to me, I was thinking, they have to be just as frantic and devastated that they can’t find it.”