Victims’ families thankful Schoharie limo case made it to trial

One of the first things the families talked about outside court was their relief that this trial happened at all.

The families say they were thankful for Judge Peter Lynch and the fact that this trial would not have happened without his decision to overturn the plea agreement.

Mary Ashton, the mother of Michael Ukaj, says she wishes she could know exactly how long Nauman Hussain will spend in prison. However, she still feels like justice is beginning to be served.

Kevin Cushing, the father of Patrick Cushing, noted that less than two years ago, the families were told at a hearing inside the school gymnasium in Schoharie that there would be no jail time.

“I think we were in a school classroom, school auditorium where we were being told that there would be no trial, and there would be simply community service. Families were hurt, we were angry, and we felt we didn’t have a say. He gave us a voice, and he gave us an opportunity,” Cushing said.

“I am so thankful. I would love to shake his hand, as well. I am so thankful he came into play here, very thankful, very thankful,” said Ashton.