Victims not satisfied with sentence in 2020 Malta DWI crash

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The man who nearly killed two people while drunken driving in Mayfield was sentenced.

The victims of the June 2020 crash say Michael Telfer should have received a harsher punishment.

Telfer was sentenced to five years’ probation, on the charges of vehicular assault and DWI. His license has been revoked, and he will also have to attend Fulton County Drug Court.

Telfer will also spend the weekend behind bars.

Brandon Lehr and Rachel Ortega were taking a motorcycle ride in Mayfield when Telfer crashed into them. Both say they’re lucky to be alive.

Since then, they’ve both had dozens of surgeries, running up thousands of dollars’ worth of medical bills, and dealt with a lot of trauma as they try to seek justice.

Ortega says Telfer’s sentence is just a slap on the wrist.

Learn about the precedence she says she’s worried it sets for the future by watching the video of Tessa Bentulan’s story.