Watervliet delivers Thanksgiving meals to people in need

Watervliet Thanksgiving meal delivery

A major Thanksgiving operation took over Watervliet High School, and then spread across the city. Watervliet stepped up after the loss of Equinox deliveries this year.

Volunteers gathered at the Watervliet High School, ready to get their delivery lists. Police coordinated the effort.

Teams bagged the meals, put in some extras, and hit the road to fan out across Watervliet.

About 250 people in 114 households signed up to get a Thanksgiving dinner delivered. That’s a big increase from last year, when police were working with Equinox.

But with the loss of Equinox deliveries this year, the city stepped up to fill the void, putting this entire complicated operation together in just days.

The meals were done under the direction of Tim Delisle from the Black Bear. Many local restaurant owners answered the mayor’s call.

“He came to me, we of course said yes, then he went to the other restaurants and they said yes and we went from 100 meals to 200 meals to almost 300 meals,” said Dan Farrell with Arsenal City Tavern. “And it really was a community effort. It wouldn’t have been done on that grand a scale without everybody getting involved.”

Many people were excited to help this effort. A Channel 13 team was among the volunteers.

People got colorful Thanksgiving cards, too, done by Watervliet students like 8-year-old Peyton Delisle.

Volunteers knocked on doors throughout Watervliet and delivered a cheerful message along with dinner in the spirit of the holiday… all in an effort to make sure no one goes without this Thanksgiving.

“I just want them to have a good feeling about their community and to have a good time and have a great Thanksgiving,” said Watervliet Mayor Charles Patricelli. “I think that’s what the community is all about and I think that’s the best part about this holiday. It makes everybody else feel good inside, that they’re doing something for somebody else.”