What’s that smell? DEC investigating reports of odor in Albany

Unpleasant odor making Albany smell

The DEC is investigating reports of a foul smell near the I-787/I-90 interchange.

If you’re driving in North Albany and find yourself saying, “what’s that smell” – you’re not alone.

An unpleasant odor has created quite the fuss. The Department of Environmental Conservation is now looking into it.

“It smells like rotting garbage; like sewage basically,” Jasmine said, an Uber driver.

“It smells like rotten eggs,” Jada said, who lives in the Capital Region.

What’s that smell? DEC investigating an unpleasant stench

DEC is getting reports of an odor near the I-787/I-90 interchange

The DEC is getting reports of a stench near the I-787/I-90 interchange.

In a statement, the state agency said:

“DEC encourages residents to report any unfamiliar or unpleasant odors in that area to DEC’s Divisions of Air and Water at 518-357-2045 or email dow.r4@dec.ny.gov. Callers are asked to provide as many details as possible including the location, time of day, duration, and frequency of the odor, and a description of the odor. If anyone has a condition that is influenced by exposure to unpleasant odors and have any health issues, they should consult their medical provider.”

It’s also important to mention the Rensselaer County Sewer District and the Albany County Water Purification District are close to where the DEC is getting reports of that odor. It’s a possibility those two areas could also be contributing factors.