Where are automated speed cameras located on New York highways and interstates?

13investigates told you that automatic speed cameras are being placed at certain construction zones. If you’re caught speeding, you’ll get a fine.

But where are the cameras being placed?

The Thruway Authority reports 30 work zone speed cameras launched in April as part of the Automated Work Zone Speed Monitoring Pilot Program.

The cameras are moved around to work zones across the state at any time on New York State highways, interstates, and parkways.

Each week, the Thruway Authority updates where those cameras will be. It’s posted at the bottom of this page under the tab, “locations”.

From Dec. 11 to Dec. 15, there are 13 that are located at different construction zones including in Bronx, Monroe, Nassau, and Suffolk counties. There are none in the Capital Region this week.

If you’re caught speeding through certain construction zones, the automated speed cameras will take a picture of the license plate and the owner of the vehicle will get a fine in the mail.

The first violation is $50. The second violation is $75 and the third time is $100. Other penalties are possible including a hold on a vehicle registration if the fines are not paid.

Some viewers asked 13Investigates: Is this just a fine? Will I get points on my license?

The answer is no; you will not get points on your license and the violation will not be sent to your insurance company.

The Department of Transportation said this is why it’s called a fine, or notice of liability, and not a ticket. DOT said they’re not the same thing.

Remember – the owner of the car is responsible for the fine. No matter what. Even if you weren’t the one driving at the time of the violation.