With no Equinox deliveries, Watervliet plans to provide Thanksgiving dinners

With no Equinox deliveries, Watervliet plans to provide Thanksgiving meals

With Equinox not delivering meals this Thanksgiving, the city of Watervliet is trying to fill the void. Restaurant owners volunteered to prepare hundreds of meals for people in need.

It takes a lot of planning to buy for, prepare, and deliver hundreds of meals.

With no Equinox meal delivery this year, Watervliet put out the call for help.

“When the mayor reached out to me, we were honored to immediately say yes,” said Brenda Hage of Teta Marie’s Lebanese Restaurant. “There’s a lot of people in need and we are fortunate enough to be able to help.”

“Being lifelong residents of the community and having a business here within Watervliet for the past 10 years, it just was an opportunity for us to be able to give back to the people that support us on a regular basis,” said Kristin Donlon of Patrick’s Pub.

Watervliet schools are making cards.

Donations are coming in for the food.

“This is absolutely fanstastic. This year was exceptionally tough for a lot of people,” said Watervliet Police Lieutenant Brian Strock.

Watervliet restaurants Teta Marie’s, Patrick’s Pub, Arsenal City Tavern, Black Bear, Bob’s Diner, and Valente’s volunteered to make the dinners.

“I was worried about getting up to 200. So we’re over 300 now, 350, and not one of them has blinked an eye,” said Watervliet Mayor Charles Patricelli. “As a matter of fact, they were kind of saying well I can do 50 and if I have to do 100, I’ll do 100, so I mean it’s incredible.”

Dan Farrell remembers last year, when he helped a family with a turkey dinner.

“And this family was so thankful,” he said. “They pretty much made me cry the entire time how grateful and thankful they were to get it. When the mayor came last week to say can you help, it was a perfect opportunity. It just makes you feel good. There’s a lot of people out there in need and if we can do it, we’re going to do it, no matter what.”

Watervliet residents can now sign up to get a free meal.

“I think that’s a great idea that they’re stepping up because they’re not delivering meals this year so it’s a good thing that they’re stepping up,” said Watervliet resident Lisa Corey.

To sign up to get a free meal, Watervliet residents can visit: www.watervliet.com or call the Watervliet City Clerk’s office at 518-270-3800 ext. 115 or the Watervliet Housing Authority at 518-273-4717.

If you would like to contribute, you can make checks payable to the Watervliet Housing Development Fund. You can drop off checks at the mayor’s office or the WHA office.