Free Schenectady store helping people facing poverty

Free Schenectady store helping people facing poverty

A woman's remarkable journey from homelessness to community empowerment has unfolded over the past three years with the 518 Free Store in Schenectady.

Shalonda Fairclough grew up in challenging circumstances and faced homelessness but refused to abandon her community.

Instead, she embarked on a mission to make a positive impact. Three years ago, she opened the 518 Free Store, a unique establishment providing essential goods like clothing, toiletries and even life-saving items such as Narcan.

The store is particularly tailored for people of color facing hardships.
The goods are delivered to peoples’ doors.

To join, you just need to send a message with basic information like how many people are in the household and any allergies they may have to products or food items.

You can help by donating to the store.

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