Artificial intelligence may streamline radiation therapy for lung cancer

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Lung cancer is the world’s leading cause of cancer deaths.

Radiation therapy is most often used to treat it. Doctors say radiation can be time-consuming, and requires highly trained physicians.

One recent study shows artificial intelligence may provide an answer.

Researchers from Brigham & Women’s Hospital in Massachusetts say they have developed an AI formula able to detect lung cancer tumors within seconds.

The scientists used CT scans from nearly 800 people to train their AI model. They then tested the algorithm with scans from more than 1,400 patients.

Researchers found no significant difference in the performance between the human and the AI algorithm team, compared to human medical professionals.

They also found clinicians could work 65% quicker editing scans altered by AI.

However, researchers identified some key failures with the study. One was AI had trouble detecting certain types of tumors. However, they say it still offers hope for the future.

This study comes from “Medical News Today.”