Doctor: ‘Tricks’ to avoid hangovers don’t work

If you’re planning to drink this St. Patrick’s Day, you may be tempted to try one of the many so-called tricks out there to help avoid a hangover.

However, one health expert explains they don’t actually work.

Studies show the phrase “liquor before beer, and you’re in the clear,” don’t actually work, according to Dr. Akhil Anand, with Cleveland Clinic.

You may have also heard of people drinking alcohol the next day to alleviate hangover symptoms. That also doesn’t work, according to experts.

Another one that’s common is taking a pain reliever before bed.

It could put you at an increased risk for gastrointestinal bleeding, Anand said.

While it might not be what some want to hear, the best and safest way to avoid a hangover is to simply not drink as much – or even at all.

“St. Patrick’s Day is not really just about drinking. It’s spending time with your friends and family and knowing that, you know, what you do today is going to affect your day tomorrow,” explained Ahand.
If you do plan to drink on St. Patrick’s Day, make sure you eat beforehand, which can help slow down absorption of the alcohol.

It’s also important to stay hydrated.