COVID long hauler struggles with mental health

Monday is world mental health day.

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During the pandemic, mental health became a big issue.

It’s impacted people in many different ways – including those with covid long hauler symptoms.

The Cleveland Clinic spoke with a woman about how her life was turned upside down by the virus and what she is doing now to cope.
26-year-old, Samantha Leszkowicz was diagnosed with covid-19 back in march of 2020.
And has been dealing with health issues ever since.
She’s experienced frequent falling, muscle tremors, fevers, night sweats, chills and extreme tiredness.
 She says all these changes have taken a huge toll on her mental health –which is why she decided to join a virtual support group for covid long-haulers at Cleveland Clinic.
 “The purpose of the group is really just to provide a space for support so that people don’t feel alone. One of the things we have heard quite a bit from people with long-haul covid is that they often feel isolated,” said Kia-Rai Prewitt, a doctor at Cleveland Clinic.
Samantha says it felt good realizing she isn’t alone. And hopes one day her life and others will go back to normal.
The clinic reminds patients that while support group can be beneficial, it is not a replacement for individualized therapy.