Importance of routine health checkups for women

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It is National Women’s Health Week, which is a good time to remind women about making their health a priority and scheduling those routine checkups.

Routine checkups for women typically include an overall wellness exam, in addition to a breast exam and pelvic exam.

Other tests may also be ordered, depending on the person’s medical history and age.

These kinds of appointments aren’t only important for prevention, but to help identify any possible issues.

“A lot of women – especially younger women – deal with menstrual issues and really heavy periods and it keeps them from going to work, it keeps them from doing things and they’re afraid to talk about it,” said

Dr. Salena Zanotti, an OBGYN. “It’s important to come talk about it because there may be something going on that we need to diagnose and fix, and there are definitely ways we can help manage it, so these things don’t affect your quality of life.”

It’s also beneficial for women to know their family history, so they’re aware of any health issues they could be at risk for.