Keeping your home safe from lead poisoning

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National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week is underway. Doctors with Cleveland Clinic Children’s are doing their part to raise awareness in an effort to help prevent childhood exposure.

Lead can appear as a silent risk and doctors say a child can be exposed at a number of places – school, daycare – even at home.

A doctor with Cleveland Clinic says when a child is actively being exposed to lead, they may not show any
symptoms or they might be vague. For example, trouble sleeping, behavior problems, and feeling tired are common reactions.

As time goes on, the long-term effects tend to become more noticeable – gastro-intestinal issues, decreased academic performance and IQ, and in severe cases – seizures and even death.  
Since lead poisoning symptoms can be hard to detect at first, testing is recommended for those who are considered at-risk. However, prevention is also just as important.

Learn about some of the things you can do right now to make your home safer by watching the video.