Psychologist: Caregivers must also focus on their own health

Being a caregiver is important, but it can also be challenging.

A report from Parade Media and Cleveland Clinic found 36% of caregivers suffer from depression and anxiety.

In addition, 56% of caregivers say it’s not realistic for them to take a day off for their emotional and mental health.

Dr. Lucille Carriere with Cleveland Clinic says it’s important caregivers get time for themselves.

“It could be as little as five minutes or maybe it needs to be a little bit longer, and I think that’s some kind of personal reflection on the case of the caregiver to kind of decide what feels like is right for them,” she advised. “So if that’s a five minute walk, if it’s stepping outside to do a breathing exercise, if it’s taking a few moments to journal or call or text a friend, for example, those can all be really meaningful for that individual caregiver.”

If you notice a caregiver in your life is having a hard time, you may want to talk to them and offer help.