Psychologist: Small, realistic goals easier to stick to for resolutions

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What if you’re not great at sticking with your New Year’s resolutions? Psychologist Dr. Susan Albers with Cleveland Clinic says consider setting small, realistic goals, that are concrete.

Instead of saying, “I want to exercise more,” be more specific, like “I will work out for 20 minutes a day.”

If your resolution is to lose weight, it’s best to avoid fad diets and restrictions.

Instead, do something more sustainable, like mindful eating.

It can also help to set daily reminders for yourself, because it’s easy to get distracted and forget about your resolution.

However, it’s very important to not feel bad if you don’t reach your goal right away.

“Change is a process. It is not like a light switch. It takes time. Many of these behaviors are activities and
habits that you have had for years, so be patient with yourself and give yourself some time to adapt and make new changes,” said Albers.

She says setting an intention – rather than a concrete goal – is just as good, like, “This year I want to be more positive or more adventurous.”