Researchers studying blood tests to detect lung cancer

Researchers are studying a new blood test that could one day help with early detection of lung cancer.

The study looked at people who were eligible for lung cancer screening, even if they didn’t have the disease, according to Dr. Peter Mazzone with Cleveland Clinic.

Researchers found success with two different kinds of blood tests. Both were able to identify a majority of lung cancer cases.

Lung cancer is the third-most common kind of cancer in the United States.

This is promising because the current lung cancer screenings consist of a CT scan and many people are not getting them done when they should. Also, people who get screened don’t always come back for their annual scans and a blood test could help solve that issue.

“Another application of a test like this could be to identify folks who aren’t currently screen eligible. They’re not in the right age range, the right amount of smoking, but still may be at enough of a risk for developing lung cancer. That screening could help them,” Mazzone said.

More research needs to be done, but in the meantime, Mazzone strongly urges people who qualify for lung cancer screenings to get them done as soon as they can.