Resist temptation to stay up later to get more personal time

Revenge procrastination is a real thing

People who work long hours or are parenting may delay sleep, but experts say it is not good.

“Revenge procrastination” is a term to describe people who stay up later than you should so you can have some time to yourself.

Despite being exhausted, people might find themselves getting into bed, picking up the phone and just scrolling.

It may apply to a new parent or someone who has a busy work schedule and delays sleep so they can finally relax.

While it might feel good in the moment, a sleep psychologist with the Cleveland Clinic said the lack of sleep will catch up with you. If it is something that you do routinely, your body and brain are going to learn that when you get into bed, you scroll, and it starts to lose the association between bed and sleep.

It is recommended to stop using electronic devices at least a half-hour before bed.